Nothing motivates you to pray like holding a crying baby at 2:00 am.

I have two daughters, ages 8 and 5, and sons 2 and 6 months old. From the time, my children were infants struggling to sleep through the night I have prayed a few very specific prayers for them. While my daughters were babies they couldn’t understand what I was saying but now that they are older I pray most of these prayers with them. Some of my prayers for my kids are universal, but I also have a few specific prayers just for my daughters.

There is never a better time to start praying for your children than right now. Even if you are just getting started in a relationship with God or are needing to make up for lost time, the prayers you pray now are like seeds planted in the ground; the more seeds you can plant the greater the results will be. I believe God will answer our prayers for our children.

Here are 3 prayers I pray for my girls.

1. They will accomplish big things for God

My dream for my children is not a good education, a good job, and a lake house. Those are good things, but I want my children to experience the thrill of being used greatly by God. Maybe they will start a non-profit that solves a global problem, or maybe they will become a pastor, or maybe they will make a lot of money and use the gift of giving to grow the kingdom of God, whatever His plan is, I want God to know I want my children to accomplish something BIG for Him. Not only do I want God to hear me pray for big things, but I also want my girls to hear me pray it as well.

When Norah was just a baby, I would hold her and pray for her, and there were certain nights when unexplainably I felt led to pray for God to use her “around the world.” I don’t know specifically what I was praying for; maybe Norah will be a missionary. It would be tough to be separated by continents but if God’s BIG plans for her send her a few continents away, I don’t want anything less.

2. They will marry an awesome man of God

I started praying this prayer before our first child was born. Once we found out we were having a daughter, I began praying a very specific prayer, “God I pray my daughter would marry an awesome man of God, no gangsters, thugs, or bums.” People laugh when I say it, but I’m serious. I believe God is preparing a few young men who love God and want to live a fully committed life for Him, for my daughters, and I want my daughters to know not just any boy will do. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best. As they have gotten older we pray this prayer together, and occasionally they will pray it for themselves. My best estimation is that I have prayed this prayer over 2,000 times and will probably pray it over 10,000 times before they are married. It’s that important.

3. God will protect their sexuality

This may sound strange, it certainly felt strange the first time I prayed this prayer. I was on one of my prayers walks around the neighborhood when I felt the need to pray for God to protect my kid’s sexuality. There’s no denying the society and culture we live in sends many confusing messages that can be misinterpreted by young minds. All it takes is one teacher or friend to make an innocent comment and my children may begin to doubt their gender or sexual preference, not to mention one bad influence to take her down a path of perversion or sexual experimenting. I pray Song of Solomon 8:4 over my daughters,

“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.”

I pray that Andrea and I model a pure heart and pure actions, and God would keep them from influential mediums that could cause them to doubt their identity in God.

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