Have you ever known someone who talked about how much they hated drama, but somehow they are always right in the middle of it?

Is it just me, or does It seem like the people who swear they are “done with all the drama,” are always the ones causing it or in some sick way really enjoying it.

There’s a brilliant Bible verse hidden in Ecclesiastes that can free you from drama in your life if that’s what you truly want.

Ecclesiastes 7:21-22
Don’t eavesdrop on others-you may hear your servant curse you. For you know how often you yourself have cursed others.

Solomon shares a powerful principle with us. Don’t overreact to what people say about you. Yes, people will make negative comments about your parenting or your clothes or your personality, but guess what? You do the same thing. We all do.

Have you ever accidentally texted someone a message about them that you meant to send to someone else? I have. Luckily it’s never been too bad, but for that split second when you realize you sent your message to the wrong person you’re heart drops in your stomach, right? Maybe if Solomon were rewriting this today he would say, don’t read other peoples text messages about you.

If you search hard enough you will find something to upset you, but don’t do that, do what Solomon said. Give people grace when they’re frustrated with you because we all need it.

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