The 17 Books (nonfiction) You Need To Read In 2017

I love to read. I would never have believed I would say that 15 years ago. When I graduated high school, I had never finished a book, scary I know. Now I ready 2-3 books per month. While I do occasionally dip into fiction novels, I spend most of my time reading the nonfiction genre. 

Love May Fail: Book Review

I just finished this book 15 minutes ago. The ending was so moving I wanted to get the words out of my head before I moved on to another book. “Love May Fail” by Matthew Quick is his 5th book. He is most known for his book later turned movie “Silver Linings Playbook.” Quick has a […]

Just Mercy: Book Review

I was first introduced to Bryan Stevenson’s work listening to an interview on the “Here’s the Thing” podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin. After that 30 minute interview I was captivated; going down the rabbit hole search for any information I could find on Stevenson. The top google search led me to his TED Talk, “We […]

Addicted to Busy (Book Review)

In Addicted to Busy Brady Boyd has writes a timely reminder that being defined by productivity is a dead end street; he would know. After a national scandal, Brady followed Ted Haggard as the senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Though not the main point of the book, he does share […]

Interview with Mark Batterson

I recently had a chance to interview Mark Batterson about his new book The Circle Maker, and ask him a few questions. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I finished it last night, and can’t think of a book that has inspired me to pray more, more than this book. If you are interested […]