What Is Tithing And Why Does My Church Keep Talking About It?

If you’ve been attending a church consistently for longer than a few months you’ve probably heard your pastor talk about tithing, well… at least I hope you’ve heard your pastor talk about it. “Tithe” is a Bible word that is mentioned a lot in the Old Testament and minimally in the New Testament. The easiest […]

Praying With My Eyes Open

Praying With My Eyes Open

Underwhelming Christianity

Guilt Is Easier Than Grace.

According to Urban Dictionary, a “jesusjuke” is when someone brings Jesus into a conversation out of nowhere to showcase their superior Jesus-ness at the expense of other people You’ve seen and heard a #jesusjuke before even if you didn’t know what to call it.

Don’t Compare Your Debut Album to Someone Else’s Greatest Hits.

You’ve probably heard the song “Hallelujah.” You know, the song that’s been covered by everyone from Bob Dylan and U2, to the man singing in the subway. There are literally hundreds of recorded covers of Hallelujah, but oddly enough no one ever seems to get sick of the song—It brings down the house every time. […]

“I can’t afford it” and 5 other bogus reasons Christians don’t tithe

I still remember like it was yesterday. I was 16 years old sitting in my youth group on a Wednesday night when my youth pastor began to do what he always did at that point of the service. He grabbed an offering bucket and began to walk around the half circle of chairs laid out […]

The Best Way to Have More Of Your Prayers Answered

Recently I bought a new car, a 2008 Maroon Ford Escape. I’m sure this has happened to you too, but after I purchased the Escape I see other cars exactly like mine everywhere! I never noticed maroon Ford Escapes before mine, but now I can’t not see them. I’m not crazy, it’s neuroscience, it’s called […]

An Inconvenient Jesus

I have a friend. She’s in love with a man who is the father of her children. They’ve been together for longer than most married couples I know, but they’re not married. You wouldn’t know they weren’t married unless you asked or saw their driver’s licenses with different last names. They live together, have children […]

Breakfast for Dinner and Why Good Behavior is Overrated.

This may come as a shock to you, but Jesus is not as concerned about your moral behavior as you think He is. I’ve never seen anyone have a genuine relationship with God, and not change for the better over time, but behavior modification was not the reason God sent Jesus to die on the […]

How To Avoid Drama In Life

How To Avoid Drama In Your Life

Have you ever known someone who talked about how much they hated drama, but somehow they are always right in the middle of it? Is it just me, or does It seem like the people who swear they are “done with all the drama,” are always the ones causing it or in some sick way […]

What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

I heard an interview recently about how the creators of Zumba came up with the name. The dancing workout routine was originally called “RumbaSize,” but since they couldn’t copyright the name they were forced to think of something different.