25 Questions Every Couple Needs To Answer Before (or right after) They Get Married

You know how everyone says your first year of marriage is challenging? Before I was married, I thought, “yea right! How could the first year be challenging?” I assumed since I loved my fiancé I would love marriage, after all, marriage just meant more time together.

4 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Killing Your Sex Life

It’s ironic, isn’t it? According to God, you should abstain from sex until you’re married, and then after marriage have as much sex as you want, but for many people, we reverse the order and have lots of sex before marriage and gradually stop having sex after we say “I Do.” Why do we do […]

3 Ways To Encourage A Husband That Is Frustrating You

3 Ways To Encourage A Husband That Is Frustrating You

This is a guest post from my wife Andrea Isaacs. “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife” Proverbs 25:24 If you haven’t read Jason’s post about our first years of marriage and his struggle with maturity and manhood you really need to read it before […]

Your Husband Can Change But You Can’t Change Him

“Stop telling people who they are and start telling people who they are becoming.” – Bob Goff I wish what I’m about to tell you wasn’t true. I wish it only represented the minority of marriages I counsel on a weekly basis, but sadly I’m about to describe a gut-wrenching truth, an epidemic really.

4 New Years Resolutions For Your Marriage

4 New Year Resolutions For Your Marriage

I love new years and new opportunities. I start thinking about my goals and changes I want to make as early as November, and as Jan. 1 approaches I get giddy thinking about what could be.

3 Things Every Wife Wants To Tell Her Husband

My husband recently wrote, 3 Things Every Husband Wishes He Could Say To His Wife, and the response was so overwhelming I felt I needed to chime in. You can read his article by clicking here. My favorite thing about his article is all the passionate conversations it started between spouses.

3 Things Every Husband Wishes He Could Say To His Wife

There’s an old joke about the difference between men, women, a husband and wife… A woman visited a store in New York City that offers free husbands. At the entrance, there are instructions posted that say: 

The 2 Letter Word That Is Killing Your Marriage

Have you ever experienced this in your marriage? You’re mad at your spouse for something they did or said. You’re not angry, just upset, and a simple apology would probably make the whole thing go away. So when it comes up in the next conversation you are fully prepared to accept an apology and move […]

Why You Loved Your Spouse More When You Were Dating (And How To Feel Love Again)

As a pastor, I’ve sat in countless meetings and counseling sessions listening to husbands and wives trying to salvage what was left of a crumbling relationship. There are different issues for every marriage but at a certain point the problem is the same for everyone. After enough hurt, betrayal, disrespect, and bad habits, the person […]

Are We Over Protecting Our Children?

I read a stat recently that 1 in 7 millennials are bringing a parent to their job interview. I don’t know how accurate that stat is, but I do have a friend who had to schedule a meeting with an employee due to lack of performance and the employee, in his late 30’s, asked if […]