Praying With My Eyes Open

Praying With My Eyes Open

The Kind Of God Who Shows Up In Shady Motel Rooms

There’s a man in the Bible named Jacob. You probably wouldn’t have liked him; he was selfish, deceitful, and so greedy he was willing to con his dying father and steal his brother’s inheritance. Jacob was the kind of man who you keep your kids away from, the kind of relative you forget to invite […]

Underwhelming Christianity

Guilt Is Easier Than Grace.

According to Urban Dictionary, a “jesusjuke” is when someone brings Jesus into a conversation out of nowhere to showcase their superior Jesus-ness at the expense of other people You’ve seen and heard a #jesusjuke before even if you didn’t know what to call it.

Don’t Compare Your Debut Album to Someone Else’s Greatest Hits.

You’ve probably heard the song “Hallelujah.” You know, the song that’s been covered by everyone from Bob Dylan and U2, to the man singing in the subway. There are literally hundreds of recorded covers of Hallelujah, but oddly enough no one ever seems to get sick of the song—It brings down the house every time. […]

Fear, Faith, and Fat Birds

Jesus made an interesting, actually confusing, statement in the middle of one of his sermons. It was one of those statements a preacher makes in passing, then moves on leaving the audience scratching their head.

What Sex-Ed Didn’t Teach You

Have you ever argued about something because you felt like you were supposed to but the whole time you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think I agree with my argument?” There are certain things in life we are conditioned to fight for or against, but if we were to take a moment, remove all of […]

Your Husband Can Change But You Can’t Change Him

“Stop telling people who they are and start telling people who they are becoming.” – Bob Goff I wish what I’m about to tell you wasn’t true. I wish it only represented the minority of marriages I counsel on a weekly basis, but sadly I’m about to describe a gut-wrenching truth, an epidemic really.

The Trick I Use To Accomplish My New Year’s Goals – Free Download!

It’s a new year with new possibilities, my favorite time of year. The way most people get excited about Christmas is the way I feel about a new year. The new ideas, goals, and possibility of change is invigorating.

The Good News of Christmas for the Fearful, Anxious, and Depressed

Peace Has Come

“Peace on earth and goodwill to all men,” That’s what the angels sang after informing the shepherds of the savior’s birth. I like the sound of “peace on earth” but “peace in me” sounds better. That’s probably what Mary was thinking too. 

Why You’re Missing Out On The Best Part Of The Christmas Story

Growing up, we had a tradition at Christmas time. My uncle, with a voice that sounds like a mix between Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, would open his Bible to Luke 2 and read the Christmas story.