What To Do While You Are Waiting On God

“Waiting time is not wasted time.” I read that phrase in a book once in one of those surreal moments when it feels as if the universe has set you up to read that line, in that book, at that moment.* It’s difficult to trust God is still effectively directing the steps of your life […]

I Think God Paints Like Bob Ross

Growing up, I would wake up on Saturdays to my brother watching the Bob Ross painting show. If you’ve ever seen Bob Ross paint you know how he worked. For the first 25 minutes, his canvas looked like a mess. He would take different colors and paint abstract shapes that didn’t look like anything, but […]

What To Remember When You Feel Like A Failure, Again.

Everyone has something they want to change about themselves. Lose a few pounds, remove a mole, fix your teeth, the list goes on and on, but at a deeper level, we all have things we want to change like addictions, sins, and relationships that we aren’t sure will ever change. We know that God is […]

How to have joy when life is hard

How To Have Joy When Life Is Hard

This is a guest post from my amazing wife Andrea Isaacs. I’m often described as a “happy person.” I’d like to think it’s because I try to make every interaction with others meaningful and positive, but the explanation could be as simple as having worn braces for four years imposed a wide smile on my […]

Could God Have Anything Good In Store For Someone Like Me?

What if I told you there was a man who loved God and God loved Him dearly? One day the man, even though normally a man of character and integrity made the choice to cheat on his wife, and as a result of their one-time affair the woman became pregnant. How would you feel about […]

Thank God for Misery

I’m sure when those sailors tossed Jonah overboard they felt bad for him, but getting tossed overboard was the best thing that ever happened to Jonah. As a pastor, I can’t count the number of people who have walked through the doors of the church because misery drove them there. Whether it’s an upcoming court […]

Why you shouldn’t worry about God’s will for your life

I’ve often heard the story of Moses taught like this: “Moses spent 40 years in the desert being prepared by God to lead the people out of Egypt.” But I can’t seem to find that anywhere in the Bible. The way I read the story, Moses makes a terrible mistake, runs, and 40 years later, […]