How I went from a night owl to waking up at 5am

“Every time you hit the snooze button you are delaying your dreams 9 minutes at a time” – Mark Batterson I remember hearing older men talking about their inability to sleep in, and I would think, “not me! I’ve never had that problem!” If you would’ve tried to tell me that one day I would […]

The Trick I Use To Accomplish My New Year’s Goals – Free Download!

It’s a new year with new possibilities, my favorite time of year. The way most people get excited about Christmas is the way I feel about a new year. The new ideas, goals, and possibility of change is invigorating.

The Decision More Important Than Your New Years Resolutions

2016 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and dream. Dreaming is fun. Everyone loves to imagine less weight, more muscles, less debt, or more money, and that’s what makes new years resolutions so exciting. The chance something we don’t like about yourself could change sends adrenaline through […]

The Reason You Think You’re Mad Is Not Really The Reason You’re Mad

Sometimes I’m upset and I don’t know why. Other times I’m upset and I think I know why. I’m learning for every negative emotion like anger, sadness, and depression, there’s a deeper reason hidden deep in my heart and the only way to discover it is to ask questions that make me dig for deeper answers. It’s […]

God’s Way Works, My Way Hurts

The African impala can jump ten feet high and thirty feet long. You might think zookeepers have a tough time keeping them contained at the zoo, but they don’t have to contain them because the Impala contains itself. Zookeepers simply place a three-foot wall in front of the Impala, and it won’t jump because it […]

The 17 Books (nonfiction) You Need To Read In 2017

I love to read. I would never have believed I would say that 15 years ago. When I graduated high school, I had never finished a book, scary I know. Now I ready 2-3 books per month. While I do occasionally dip into fiction novels, I spend most of my time reading the nonfiction genre. 

I Think God Paints Like Bob Ross

Growing up, I would wake up on Saturdays to my brother watching the Bob Ross painting show. If you’ve ever seen Bob Ross paint you know how he worked. For the first 25 minutes, his canvas looked like a mess. He would take different colors and paint abstract shapes that didn’t look like anything, but […]

3 Things Every Wife Wants To Tell Her Husband

My husband recently wrote, 3 Things Every Husband Wishes He Could Say To His Wife, and the response was so overwhelming I felt I needed to chime in. You can read his article by clicking here. My favorite thing about his article is all the passionate conversations it started between spouses.

3 Things Every Husband Wishes He Could Say To His Wife

There’s an old joke about the difference between men, women, a husband and wife… A woman visited a store in New York City that offers free husbands. At the entrance, there are instructions posted that say: 

The Difference Between Falling and Failing

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill There is a scene I love in the movie, Remember the Titans. Based on a true story, a team of high school football players who were forced to desegregate schools, overcome adversity and win every game until the state championship.