Why our small church gave a megachurch $1000

4 minute read

Every pastor, no matter the size of your church, has experienced the frustration of someone leaving your church for something “bigger and better.”

During those seasons it’s easy to feel like your leadership and church is “less than,” and the rich are getting richer. Before you know it bitterness and jealousy creep into your heart and we start making excuses why other churches are growing and ours is not. We assume that anyone who is experiencing results—results that we secretly wish we were experiencing— has cut a corner or sold their soul; We take cheap shots at the megachurch in our town; or make broad generalizations about growing churches and their lack of biblical commitment. When we’re angry, bitter, jealous, and discouraged, we’ll say or do anything to make ourselves feel better about our insecurity.

The Illusion of Confidence: The truth about your pastor

The truth about your pastor

5 minute read

Let me start by acknowledging the fact the TV preacher you saw that one time came across really cocky, and seemed to only care about getting your money.

I’ll even concede the fact you’ve seen a few Facebook videos of preachers who gel their hair and wear sequenced shirts, looking more like Rick Flair than Jesus.

Download 18 Sermon Series with the Sermon Series Download Bundle Free (67 Weeks of Sermons!)

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I'm giving away 18 of the best sermon series I've ever preached. (67 Weeks of Sermons!)

I know the challenge of preaching week after week and I would be honored if these sermon series could help your church or give you a break to recharge and refuel.

Every series includes artwork and sermon notes/outlines. Some series include video promos and sermon bumpers.

Included in the Bundle:
- Jesus Is
- The Happiness Myth (The Book of Judges)
- The White Elephant in The Room (Generosity)
- Why It's called Amazing Grace
- Obey Before You Have To (Jonah)
- Haters Gonna Hate (Joseph)
- Christmas At The Movies
- Emojional
- Plus 10 more...

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