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Why our small church gave a megachurch $1000

Every pastor, no matter the size of your church, has experienced the frustration of someone leaving your church for something “bigger and better.”

During those seasons it’s easy to feel like your leadership and church is “less than,” and the rich are getting richer. Before you know it bitterness and jealousy creep into your heart and we start making excuses why other churches are growing and ours is not. We assume that anyone who is experiencing results—results that we secretly wish we were experiencing— has cut a corner or sold their soul; We take cheap shots at the megachurch in our town; or make broad generalizations about growing churches and their lack of biblical commitment. When we’re angry, bitter, jealous, and discouraged, we’ll say or do anything to make ourselves feel better about our insecurity.

Courageous Pastor

4 Qualities of Courageous Pastors

When you first felt called to ministry, your dreams of future opportunities were probably big, bold, and courageous. I doubt your goal was to maintain the status quo— it was probably to innovate and break barriers. Over time, though, after you’ve seen enough members walk away, the fear of people leaving the church can kill your courage, and you become a manager instead of a leader

You might assume the churches with the most to lose play it the safest, but it’s’ usually the opposite— the churches with most to lose experiment the most. They understand that leaders who are afraid of subtraction never experience multiplication. If you’re willing to be a courageous leader, being led by the Holy Spirit in spite of what might go wrong or who may leave, you will take new ground, reach new people, and seize new opportunities.

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5 Things Pastors Want To Tell Church Planters

I can’t speak for everyone, but I love the church planting revival happening in the church right now.

The stats don’t lie, planting a new church in a community is the best way to reach new people with the gospel. I’ve never felt called to plant a new church, but I love partnering with church planters financially and spiritually to help them get started. Over the past 10 years our church has given away $500,000 to help missionaries and church planters and that has allowed me the chance to talk to a lot of planters.


How I shrunk my church from 400 to 200

Every leader is hungry for knowledge and insight from those who have breathed the rare air of church growth. I bet you’ve read hundreds of blogs and books about the topic.  I love those blogs, but this isn’t one of those. Instead, let me tell you how I shrunk my church. Hopefully, I can save you from some of my mistakes. Let me give you a little backstory first.

Looking back now it was inevitable; I started pastoring at the age of 24, which was probably not the wisest decision at the time, but you couldn’t have convinced me otherwise back then. I was a cocky, stubborn, opinionated young leader convinced I knew what needed to be done to grow a church.


Join the Toxic Soul Launch Team

I’m excited to announce my new book, “Toxic Soul: A Pastors Guide to Leading Without Losing Heart” will be released on July 11.

Written with my brother Jeremy Isaacs, Toxic Soul is a book for pastors and church leaders. We’ve spent our life around pastors.


I Question Your Motives: The Struggle For Driven Leaders

Recently I took my kids to one of those indoor trampoline parks. We’ve been several times before but decided to try a new business on this occasion. When I started to pay the bill, I noticed the price was higher than the place we regularly visit. I was informed each of my children had to purchase $2 “Altitude” socks. I insisted it wasn’t necessary, but it was required, so I paid the $6.