The African impala can jump ten feet high and thirty feet long.

You might think zookeepers have a tough time keeping them contained at the zoo, but they don’t have to contain them because the Impala contains itself. Zookeepers simply place a three-foot wall in front of the Impala, and it won’t jump because it refuses to leave the ground if it can’t see where it will land. 

There come points along the way in your relationship with God where you have to make a choice, will you obey God, knowing he is leading and convicting you about an area of your life, or will you continue to choose your own way that feels comfortable and safe? So many times I’ve chosen my way instead of God’s way certain holding on to a grudge, keeping the money instead of giving it, or repeating sinful actions was better than the possibility of a future promise of God. I was wrong.

I’ve learned God’s way works and may way hurts, every time. His best blessings come on the other side of the hardest acts of obedience, and whatever I’m holding on to is never worth what I’m forfeiting.

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