Have you ever made an “if/then” deal with God? I’m sure you have.

At some point in life, all of us are so desperate for divine intervention we’re willing to agree to any terms.

I’ve prayed with spouses who needed God to save their marriage, they’re agreement with God usually sounds something like, “God, if you will save my marriage, then I promise always to keep my family in church.” I’ve prayed with people weeks away from a court date who make deals that sound like, “If God keeps me out of jail, then I will never do those things again.” I’ve agreed in prayer with countless people who claim, “if God gets me this new job, then I will start tithing.”

If God will give me a husband, if God will give me a child, if God will heal me, if God will help me… When we’re desperate, we’ll agree to anything.

In 1 Samuel 1, a women named Hannah made an “if/then” deal with God. She told God, “If you will give me a child I will give him back to you.” and sure enough she became pregnant, had a son, and named him Samuel which means “God heard me.” Even though Hannah hesitated a year later, she did eventually give Samuel to Eli just like she promised God she would.

Peter one night, around 3 in the morning, told Jesus, “If it’s really you, then call me to walk on the water” and Jesus’s next words were “come.”

If you’re anything like me, in the moment of desperation my promises are sincere and filled with good intentions, but after God has faithfully interceded again, I slide back into my old ways. I’m glad God’s promises for my life aren’t as fickle as my promises to him. I’m glad He knows me intimately enough to know I lack the discipline to be the person I fully want to be.

I’m glad God’s promises for my life aren’t as fickle as my promises to him.

God is patient, loving, and gracious to me. He provides for me even knowing I lack the faithfulness He faithfully displays in my life, but it still begs the question, “Are there any promises I made to God that He is still waiting on me to fulfill?” It’s never too late to get started. If Jesus said, “Come” the invitation still stands, and who knows, you just might walk on water.

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