“I can’t afford it” and 5 other bogus reasons Christians don’t tithe

I still remember like it was yesterday. I was 16 years old sitting in my youth group on a Wednesday night when my youth pastor began to do what he always did at that point of the service. He grabbed an offering bucket and began to walk around the half circle of chairs laid out […]

Why Do Christians Only Follow Some Old Testament Rules?

Why Do Christians Only Follow Some Old Testament Rules?

Have you ever wondered why Christians dismiss certain Old Testament laws but cherish others? Maybe you’ve tried to have a conversation with someone about their lifestyle or behavior only to have a defensive accusation returned to you because you “only follow the parts of the Bible that are convenient.” Maybe you’ve had that conversation with […]

The World Needs Less Will Ferrels

The other day a buddy of mine sent a group text to me and another guy that said, “I love you guys.” I stared at the phone for a few seconds a little rattled; I wasn’t sure how to respond. Obviously, the appropriate response was, “love you too.” And if we had been face to […]

The Best Way to Have More Of Your Prayers Answered

Recently I bought a new car, a 2008 Maroon Ford Escape. I’m sure this has happened to you too, but after I purchased the Escape I see other cars exactly like mine everywhere! I never noticed maroon Ford Escapes before mine, but now I can’t not see them. I’m not crazy, it’s neuroscience, it’s called […]

The Illusion of Confidence: The truth about your pastor

Let me start by acknowledging the fact the TV preacher you saw that one time came across really cocky, and seemed to only care about getting your money. I’ll even concede the fact you’ve seen a few Facebook videos of preachers who gel their hair and wear sequenced shirts, looking more like Rick Flair than […]

An Inconvenient Jesus

I have a friend. She’s in love with a man who is the father of her children. They’ve been together for longer than most married couples I know, but they’re not married. You wouldn’t know they weren’t married unless you asked or saw their driver’s licenses with different last names. They live together, have children […]

Am I Allowed To Pray About That?

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. You’re sitting in your car waiting for the police officer to come back with your license and registration. Whether or not he gives you a ticket is a toss-up. At the moment, based on the fact that he didn’t smile when you attempted a small joke, you […]

Fear, Faith, and Fat Birds

Jesus made an interesting, actually confusing, statement in the middle of one of his sermons. It was one of those statements a preacher makes in passing, then moves on leaving the audience scratching their head.

Breakfast for Dinner and Why Good Behavior is Overrated.

This may come as a shock to you, but Jesus is not as concerned about your moral behavior as you think He is. I’ve never seen anyone have a genuine relationship with God, and not change for the better over time, but behavior modification was not the reason God sent Jesus to die on the […]

25 Questions Every Couple Needs To Answer Before (or right after) They Get Married

You know how everyone says your first year of marriage is challenging? Before I was married, I thought, “yea right! How could the first year be challenging?” I assumed since I loved my fiancé I would love marriage, after all, marriage just meant more time together.