4 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Killing Your Sex Life

It’s ironic, isn’t it? According to God, you should abstain from sex until you’re married, and then after marriage have as much sex as you want, but for many people, we reverse the order and have lots of sex before marriage and gradually stop having sex after we say “I Do.” Why do we do […]

What Sex-Ed Didn’t Teach You

Have you ever argued about something because you felt like you were supposed to but the whole time you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think I agree with my argument?” There are certain things in life we are conditioned to fight for or against, but if we were to take a moment, remove all of […]

How To Avoid Drama In Life

How To Avoid Drama In Your Life

Have you ever known someone who talked about how much they hated drama, but somehow they are always right in the middle of it? Is it just me, or does It seem like the people who swear they are “done with all the drama,” are always the ones causing it or in some sick way […]

3 Ways To Encourage A Husband That Is Frustrating You

3 Ways To Encourage A Husband That Is Frustrating You

This is a guest post from my wife Andrea Isaacs. “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife” Proverbs 25:24 If you haven’t read Jason’s post about our first years of marriage and his struggle with maturity and manhood you really need to read it before […]

You’re Not A Failure: A Message To The Wandering Millennial

Dear Millennial, there’s a decent chance you won’t read this because you ditched Facebook when you’re parents set up an account and you don’t check your email, but in the event you somehow get this message, I have something important I want to tell you.

Your Husband Can Change But You Can’t Change Him

“Stop telling people who they are and start telling people who they are becoming.” – Bob Goff I wish what I’m about to tell you wasn’t true. I wish it only represented the minority of marriages I counsel on a weekly basis, but sadly I’m about to describe a gut-wrenching truth, an epidemic really.

What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

I heard an interview recently about how the creators of Zumba came up with the name. The dancing workout routine was originally called “RumbaSize,” but since they couldn’t copyright the name they were forced to think of something different.

How I went from a night owl to waking up at 5am

“Every time you hit the snooze button you are delaying your dreams 9 minutes at a time” – Mark Batterson I remember hearing older men talking about their inability to sleep in, and I would think, “not me! I’ve never had that problem!” If you would’ve tried to tell me that one day I would […]

The Trick I Use To Accomplish My New Year’s Goals – Free Download!

It’s a new year with new possibilities, my favorite time of year. The way most people get excited about Christmas is the way I feel about a new year. The new ideas, goals, and possibility of change is invigorating.

4 New Years Resolutions For Your Marriage

4 New Year Resolutions For Your Marriage

I love new years and new opportunities. I start thinking about my goals and changes I want to make as early as November, and as Jan. 1 approaches I get giddy thinking about what could be.