“Peace on earth and goodwill to all men,” That’s what the angels sang after informing the shepherds of the savior’s birth. I like the sound of “peace on earth” but “peace in me” sounds better. That’s probably what Mary was thinking too. 

Can you imagine being 16 years old, trying to convince people you are still a virgin even though you’re pregnant while knowing you’re carrying the savior of the world? No wonder the angel told her “Don’t be afraid.” If she was anything like my wife when we found out we were pregnant with baby #4, it took an angelic visit to bring down her heart rate.

I love when God appeared to people in the Bible he had to tell them not to be afraid. It reminds me God’s greatest opportunities are often terrifying.

You’ve probably felt like Mary at some point in your life; wanting God to do something amazing but having to face fear, anxiety, and pressure.

  • You want to get clean from an addiction, but the thought of obeying God and giving up whatever substance you’ve depended on for years is terrifying.
  • You want to let go of the hurt and grudge you’ve carried around for years, but it’s scary to let go of hurt when you feel like it’s never been made right.
  • You want to live in freedom and get rid of secrets, but you have to face the fear of unknown consequences.

Maybe your fear is not about something you want to do for God with your life maybe for you it’s just about survival.

  • You’re afraid of the medical results you’re waiting to get back.
  • You’re fighting to beat cancer
  • You can’t sleep thinking about the mounting debt and financial pressure piling up
  • You’re afraid of the choices you children are making.
  • You’re intimidated by the first marriage saving counseling appointment.

The fact is life gives us plenty of reasons to be afraid, to be filled with anxiety or maybe even feel depressed

  • 40 million people will experience an impairment because of an anxiety disorder this year.
  • 43% of Americans take some form of mood altering medication regularly

Did you know the phrase “do not fear” or some form of it is written in the Bible 365 times? How incredible is God? He gave us a reminder for every day of the year; we don’t have to be afraid.

There may not be a more fitting promise for our culture or your life today than “peace has come.”

This Christmas don’t forget He is Emmanuel, “God with you.” Whatever scares you about tomorrow or maybe what scares you right now, you don’t have a savior who is just watching from a distance; He is walking with you, and His nickname is “Prince of Peace.”

Don’t be afraid. Peace has come! Merry Christmas

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