$12.99 Paperback

Don't Lead Discouraged, Disapointed, and Defeated!

I know everyone is trying to sell you something to make your church grow. I read all the books and go to the conferences just like you. I CAN'T grow your church, but I can do something better, I can help you grow you. No webinars, subscriptions, or private groups just a one time $13 book. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, this could be the book that saves your ministry, keeps you from quitting, or doing something really stupid. I'm praying for you, thanks for everything you do to help the church. Don't lead Discouraged , Disappointed, or Defeated, there's a better way!


  • What to do when you are under resourced, alone, and feel like a failure
  • How to quit comparing yourself to other pastors and churches larger than you
  • What to do when leaders leave your church
  • How to redefine success and set realistic, healthy, expectations

Plus... Stories and insights from leaders like Sam Chand, Matt Keller, Dave Willis, Bryan Cutshall, and more.